"I dont think i’ll ever take a better photo than this in my entire life. I have the love of my life swimming under and wave and one of my best friends on a wave"
-Will Skudin
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I don’t know what’s been going on with my stomach the last few days but death is coming for me.

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Anonymous: no offense, but i used to think your blog was great and you were really sweet and sort of reserved and now you just don't give a fuck and i really just don't like it.

I love when people start a sentence with “no offense” and then go right ahead and offend you.

You just answered your own question, man. I don’t give a fuck. I really, really don’t. I stopped caring what people thought of me the second I left high school. I’m very honest and I say what’s on my mind while still being respectful to how other people feel. But I stopped being timid and stopped holding back because I hated myself for it. I became my own person. Just because I’m more outgoing in no way means I’m not a sweet person anymore. I’m nice to people who are nice to me, plain and simple. I won’t be nice to someone who is going to be blatantly rude and or offensive to me. I shouldn’t have to be.

I’m sorry if you no longer like the qualities of my personality or you don’t like the person I turned into. But I’m beginning to love and appreciate myself very much. If you don’t agree with that, then the unfollow button exists for a reason.

Anonymous: Where'd you get the beanie you're wearing in your sidebar?

Forever 21 for like $3

Anonymous: What do you usually wear in the fall and winter? You dress super cute in the summer and boyfriend tank tops are the cutest shit ever ok.


From October to probably mid-March it’s sweaters galore. I love really big cable knit sweaters with skinny jeans and unbuttoned flannels with a tank top/tight fitting t-shirt. I’ll still wear band t-shirts and such, but if you’re asking what I prefer then my answer is sweaters and flannels. In the winter, it’s all about being comfy and warm.

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Everyone seems to be in a mood tonight.

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